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The Sunshine Voice

Album Topic  

Well my album is titled Good Girl, Bad Mentality. The topic is basically my explorations of the maturity and thoughts I've grown to have now that I'm 21. I'm still the "Good Girl" everyone knows I've been for years, but I'm more mature now. My thoughts are mature, my look is more edgy, and my lyrics are more mature. 


What are some of the memories you have from the creation of your new album Good Girl Bad Mentality?


I have two memories that stick out to me as the most fun and funny. My family was visiting me in LA. My mom, my aunt, my sister, and my cousins all came to LA. All of them, plus three of my friends came to the studio with me. In the studio we played one of my songs off the album titles "We Like to Party." I remember everyone dancing and singing along. Every one of us in the studio singing along. Even the engineer was turned up. I've never been in a studio surrounded by so many people I love and adore. It was such a fun experience. I also remember recording in Maryland at Gemstar Pro. I had literally just finished recording "LEVELz" just before I literally lost my entire voice. It happened right on time. I didn't have a sore throat or any common cold symptoms. I was so much into the song while recording. I left the studio with absolutely no speaking ability. It was funny because it ironically happened right on time and I've never ever lost my voice before. 
Who are some of the collaborations, we should look out for?

I have a collaboration with three other amazing independent artists on my album. On "Give It" a talented rapper named Taydon is on that song. On "So Far Gone" two talented artists are on the song. Their names are Eternal, of 495 Music Group, and Issa Perry. Other than artists, my engineers and producers are the Shxt! 
Its wonderful to hear your album drops on March 28th, 2016, is there a special reason for this set release date?

March 28th is my birthday actually! It's a celebration. God has blessed me with another year to live and another album to release. I wouldn't have it any other way! 

Who are some of the producers you teamed up on this album?

Some of the producers on this album include Carl Rushing, Ojizz, Samir, and Staccs AKA Staccato. All of these people are amazing producers. 

What sites will the album be available for purchase?

Sites people can purchase the album from are iTunes, Amazon, CdBaby, Rhapsody... Actually my album will be available on almost every music site you can think of. It'll also be available on Pandora, Spotify, and of course

Are you releasing this album under a major label or independently?

I am an independent artist and my album is releasing independently. I love my independence to be able to write what and how I want. 

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